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Michael Pelamidis is a restless artistic mind in a constant search of new challenges. Since the time he was a student in Paris, his apprenticeship in the School Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Joaillerie de Paris wasn’t enough. Like a new Ithaka, where someone returns after having had enough of journeys and experiences, Michael left Paris in exchange for the whole world. He travelled a lot and came in touch with many, different cultures, which offered him a variety of motives. Even though he was born in Paris, Michael lives the very essence of his Greek origin; always restless, always ready to set out on a new journey, always open to new challenges.

It is widely believed in our days that artists have to perform avant-garde art, to adopt whatever is most sophisticated, especially in applied arts, ending up in commonplace quests.
Michael Pelamidis doesn’t fall into this category; the forms of the past make up a challenge for the present and the future. His mind and his soul comprise the melting-pot, where knowledge, experiences and talent are transformed, so as for something entirely new to be born, something completely unique, which doesn’t strive to be named pioneering, but knows in advance that it is destined to obtain the validity of classic. He uses materials and techniques that have been tested throughout the centuries. His curved, flowing lines intent to show off their final object; the woman’s body.

Even though he is young, Michael Pelamidis is one of the most mature and intrinsic presences on the field of Greek jewellery designers. Being a low-profile and methodical person, he proves that art is one of the most resilient flowers: it blossoms even at most difficult times.

Annie Kontogiorgi - Ph.D History of Art, Theatrologist
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