It may sound like you was progesterone intolerant

It may sound like you was progesterone intolerant

Before that we is given a tablet off estrogen and you can progesterone, you to gave me tons of opportunity and made me feel great (nevertheless not helping the gorgeous flashes) it caused major water retention and gaining weight – ten weight regarding bloat in a single month. One to forced me to unhappy.

Hi Toni. Sadly, progesterone doesn’t help with beautiful flushes, you would like oestrogen for the. Whether it failed to assist their gorgeous flushes in advance of compared to oestrogen amount is actually probably also lower. But if you have good womb take progesterone for having a monthly bleed and steer clear of endometrial cancer. It usually takes just a bit of experimenting to get suitable combination one to agrees with your. HRT during the pill setting is generally a bad suggestion and you will liable to carry out so much more top-effects as it’s artificial. Ask your doc to help you suggest oestrogen spots otherwise solution and you may Utrogestan micronised progesterone medicine which you can simply take both by mouth or vaginally. This way you’re delivering human body identical HRT and can we hope experience less front side-consequences. Along with, please keep in mind if you take oestrogen, progesterone ointment is not sufficiently strong enough to cease the latest build-up of your endometrial lining. Just take the latest progesterone in both pill otherwise area function otherwise through the Mirena coil.

Oh, while having because of the depo provera, usually the one depo provera sample, a year ago, i still can not have sex, and that i can not also pleasure This lady, since the any kind of intercourse, plus climax Affects the lady now

Exactly what the F*** try wrong using this “consultant”. Are you presently Major. Just what F*** usually do not they are aware on the an excellent “progesterone Intolerance”. Incorporating progesterone to relieve an intolerance so you’re able to they? That’s such her dating as for instance advising a person that to eliminate its Lactose intolerance they want to up the Dairy intake. This makes me personally so mad you really have no f***ing tip… My personal spouse was already progesterone intolerant when the woman Foolish dr essentially Pressed the woman to try depo provera, and today the woman is towards Lupron waiting around for a complete hysterectomy while the teeny smallest number of progesterone makes their blackout and start to become a demonic push I really don’t also know, and simply need she does not kill me or anybody else doing In my opinion in such a case, is basically because the woman is Together with twofold more for the Serious pain!

The woman is on narcotics towards the soreness you to Added PROGESTERONE (depo provera) Brought about. Yeah, they don’t let, it tripled it, no less than. And she nearly f***ing slain herself while on this new depo provera). It was just last year. Now, she Nonetheless is afflicted with enhanced problems, fluid retention, anxiety, and you may bloating on a regular basis, from one progesterone take to, (and you can blackouts, fury, and you can uncontrollable pain in the event the she actually is 24 hours or dos late into the the girl lupron attempt–it just happened twice, and its particular gonna happens once again, while the I Worry about my girlfriend, and you may ladies in general, Unlike physicians seem to in the event that there response is: “haha this makes ya feel crappy, really the following is a few more!

I suggest you talk to your doc about seeking to another type of variety of HRT

Oh–and you will let us not forget the fresh new cherry moreover mess off a meal you to Added PROGESTERONE So you’re able to A lady Which have PROGESTERONE Attitude Caused: she will get mundane ovarian cysts Always now. Always. She’d get 2… maybe step three, a-year, tops, prior to depo. Today, their actually every month today (even On the lupron). But, even after this, into lupron, she actually is pleased, and inventive, and type, and does not also whine when she is perspiration head to toe out-of the lady hot flashes. We can’t loose time waiting for the lady businesses (full hysterectomy) to ease her ADENOMYOSIS (Perhaps not endometriosis–endometriosis is really actual and incredibly bad-my mother endured it-However,, while you are attending Clean out a female for it, make certain that she indeed f***ing Has they-you are sure that, as if you would with each Most other Health issue.

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