Gossip Girl’s Lily & Rufus Are A Couple IRL And It Is Everything

He made viewers swoon in 2006 with the premiere of High School Musical and continued to serve celebrity crush inspo with The Greatest Showman and Baywatch. The actor made a name with his fans on-screen, and kept the same energy off-screen in several larger-than-life, high-profile relationships. We of course all remember his romance with his HSM costar Vanessa Hudgens in the early aughts , but after their split, Zac had some low-key love stories that mostly flew under the radar. The following year, Stan told People that the best part about working with Meester is that he gets to “go home with her” after the director yells cut, making their relationship status clear. “She’s the most interesting, sophisticated, talented and an extremely funny person that I know. She’s really hilarious.”

Why did Lily marry Bart?

To do this we will link your MailOnline account with your Facebook account. Zuber starts to build an emergency shovel and dig and is finally able to get the snowboarder out. Linda – who has been friends with Paul for almost 30 years – told The Sun how he would often check in with her about her health battle. Furthermore, the eleventh series of Paul’s much-loved show For The Love of Dogs will begin as planned on Thursday, April 13 at 8pm in his honour. ITV have confirmed plans to broadcast a special tribute show to the star on Sunday, April 9.

In Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing, her parents are shown to take her to a boot camp for troubled girls. In The Undergraduates, Georgina reveals that she went to an intensive therapy session with her parents and they decided to let her move back in with them. They used to reside on the Upper East Side before moving fulltime to Connecticut.

Surprisingly enough, both Daniel and Rupert confessed having had a crush on Emma, but those days are in the past. In February 2010, the British girl confirmed a relationship with actor Jamie Campbell who had a part in “The Deathly Hallows.” In the Virgin River Season 3 finale, Detective Mike Valenzuela , arrested Brady for allegedly shooting Jack in his bar. Everyone’s favourite Blair is thought to be a nod to the Astor family who created the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, who were once one of the richest families in America.

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In January 2023, Moore revealed that Jesiree Dizon was his significant other and that she was pregnant with a girl. While working on the series, Settle and wife Naama Nativ, who share daughter Aven, called it quits. Rumors subsequently ran wild about the Gossip Girl dad and Kelly Rutherford dating IRL, but the close costars always referred to each other as friends. After he officially moved on with Maria Alfonsin in 2014, they welcomed a daughter named Nalu in 2015. In addition to her relationship with Westwick, Szohr dated Aaron Rodgers — twice.

The Sharp Family is introduced in season four, when Juliet schemes against Serena to avenge her brother Ben’s imprisonment. As the royal family of Monaco, the Grimaldi Family is introduced when Blair begins dating and eventually marrying Prince Louis Grimaldi. Christel shared a sweet message to her boyfriend back in May last year, saying that he has “brought so much” to her and her son’s lives. Questions like these are normal for viewers as often characters’ on-screen romance translates in the real world.

Meanwhile, Bart is on his way back from Florida and in a car with his PI, Andrew Tyler, who has information on Lily. The latest twist comes after Stephen drugged his boss Carla in a bid to take over Underworld and tried to end her life by gassing her flat while she is asleep. Michael looks close to exposing his fellow factory worker Stephen’s web of lies after he discovered he hadn’t told the truth about a meeting for an American deal. I’m one of the few who loved the reveal of Dan as GG and I simply have no problem suspending disbelief for all the little plot holes. United by mutual loss, Rufus and Lily begin dating again, Rufus accompanying Lily to various Upper East Side functions. He even plans to propose to Lily in a black blazer and taupe shirt but forgoes his plan once he uncovers one of her schemes (2.23).

John Groove has over 20 years of experience specializing in divorce and family law. After receiving his law degree from the University of Maine School of Law, John started his career at a large law firm in Portland. However, he quickly realized that his passion was for working with individuals going through the difficult process of divorce. John is a frequent speaker on divorce-related topics and is well-respected among his peers in the legal community. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and exploring the beautiful state of Maine. Diehard Twilight fans know that the character Victoria was played by two different actors in the films.

Does Dan love Blair?

In the first episode of Gossip Girl, Dan runs into his classmates Chuck and Nate on the bus. Seeing any of the Upper East Siders of Gossip Girl taking public transportation is pretty rare throughout the show and Nate and Chuck are typically chauffeured around by private car. Of course, anyone who has watched the show past the pilot knows that Jenny’s storyline proves to be an important one. But, believe it or not, this was hinted at in the very first episode of Gossip Girl.

He’s putting aside the relics of his rock-and-roll lifestyle, just as Alison once put aside her art to support him. Gossip Girl, voiced ever-so-sweetly for five seasons by petite blonde Kristen Bell, is actually Dan Humphrey. Despite the fact Dan Humphrey acts really shocked at every single Gossip Girl post, EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO-ONE ELSE IN THE ROOM. The Waldorf Family is one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan and is made up of Eleanor Waldorf, her daughter, Blair, her second husband, Cyrus Rose, and his son, Aaron. With former links to the Grimaldi family, the Waldorf’s and the Roses hold prominent roles within Manhattan high society.

In Woman on the Verge, Bart and Lily host their rehearsal dinner but the festivities are interrupted when Serena’s biggest secret comes out. In order to help her daughter, Lily leaves the dinner early and escorts her to find closure; which includes stopping at Rufus’ concert. After seeing him perform, the two end up spending the night together at a hotel. In the season finale Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing, Lily prepares for her wedding to Bart. He asks her once and for all to let Rufus go, and she agrees to.

Not wanting to lose her, he sends Bart annulment papers behind her back; which Bart signs. That night, Lily is shocked when Bart gives the signed papers to her and then she realizes what Rufus interracialmatch did. She informs him that it’s her choice who she chooses to stay married to and rips the papers in half. Later on, she chooses to annul their marriage to save her relationship with Bart.

She then learns that CeCe was never sick and Lily is the one with cancer. The two travel back to Manhattan together and discover William has beaten them to the apartment and is waiting with Rufus there. Lily then reveals her secret to Rufus, who encourages her to find a new doctor.

The family is made up of Dr. William van Der Wood and his children, Serena and Eric van Der Wood, as well as his ex/current wife, Lily. Due to Lily’s marriage to Bartholomew “Bart” Bass, the Van Der Wood are also connected to members of the Bass family. This connection was further cemented by Lily’s formal and legal adoption of Bart’s son, Chuck Bass.