Love & Hip-Hop Star Brittney Taylor Was Reportedly Arrested & Charged With Assault For Allegedly Beating Kids Father With A Bat

Shakeria White Hi Zoe, I am dating guy who is “separated” from his baby momma. They have been separated for 2 years ,according to him they split when their child was 4 months. He says the reason they aren’t divorced is because he is not a US citizen and is married under a condition to keep him in the US. The condition expires in March per the guy.

I did my research and have come up with the good, the bad and the ugly of what it is really like to date a man with kids. I have a friend — let’s call her Jane — who only dates older men. The span of time between their respective ages never seems to really matter, as long as they are older.

I’m sorry you’re doing all of this alone, but it’s so great you were able to break free of this guy. Even though it’s absolutely heartbreaking. You also do not have to list him on the birth certificate, you can force him to go to court to determine paternity. If you want child support this will need to be done but it also protects your rights as the sole custodial parent until he is able to get on the birth certificate. Your personal medical information and condition aren’t his business.

@youngdoc99He didn’t say anything that was selfish. He was actually being non-selfish, emphasizing the well being of a relationship that he cares about. Just because someone wants to have a relationship between two people doesn’t make them selfish. Can’t call someone selfish when they show plenty of other selfless sides. Perhaps I should call you selfish because you live in a nice home and won’t sell it so the homeless can have a place to stay. I agree with CWBF that “my child is my world” profiles will kill your dating prospects, but I would mention the custody arrangement so men understand that you do have time to date.

He will at least be more likely to take you on dates that are well-thought out and meaningful, rather than lavish and expensive. While I felt terrible reading these stories about what you all have experienced, its also reassuring to know that I am not experiencing something that no one else understands.. Anonymous While I did not feel like everything here applied to my situation, it’s rather nice not to feel alone.

What Does Baby Mama Drama Mean?

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He runs to her rescue every time

And even if I am, I don’t have any real interest in being one, which is fine by me. Watching my husband be a father to his first son was one thing, but when I gave birth to our first child together, our daughter, he completely changed overnight. He was so gentle, sweet and soft-hearted with her, it would bring tears to my eyes. When a man becomes a father to his first baby girl, his entire demeanor changes. You can have the biggest, toughest, biker-type dude who rarely expresses emotional vulnerability, and watch him melt into a puddle when his baby girl tells him she loves him. I also don’t agree with 98% of her “parenting” or lack thereof.

Here’s the thing- it’s not really about whether you were right or wrong. You have every right to contact anyone and ask them anything. Well yesterday he informs me BM#1 is coming to drop his son off and i told him I wasn’t comfortable with that situation especially with me not being home. Sam So my boyfriend has 2 BMs, 2 kiddos. I got with him when i have 15 weeks pregnant We have been together for almost a year. I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 months now.

Don’t miss out on something by dismissing women with children. I haven’t ruled it out, but I’m extremely reluctant to because all of the reasons others have stated. But bottom line I think you have to weigh the risks with the benefit. Even a guy who’s not fantastically good looking but is single and successful has a lot to lose.

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The woman can try all she wants but if the kids and their father want you gone then you will be. If you have kids then it’s different because you are both in the same boat… @cd5love96I feel like thats why im not to keen on dating someone else with kids. Im trying to convince my ex to sign over his rights since he isnt there anyway.

Those afternoon naps they are tied to can be filled with lots of fun. Jenny enjoys to cover topics like love, relationships, online dating, international dating, and more. She knows that finding the right man or woman is not easy, so she wanted to create an online space that collects all the tips and advice you should know to succeed in your love life. Finally, the kids are more of a bonus than they are a hindrance to your perfect love story.

This particular sign might be subtle because he will sneak in the comparison in the middle of conversations, but you’ll notice it all the same. However, you don’t have to gullibly accept that they can be that close as to take vacations or weekend trips together without you, even if their child is with them. Again, it’s only a critical situation such as the medical condition of their child that can make it a bit acceptable that they travel together. Take a breather in your busy day with this curated collection of relaxing reads, real-life stories, interviews, everyday tips, and expert insights. These crippling insecurities cause baby daddies to feel like they’re constantly being ostracized. Baby-daddy-ville will always be seen as “hostile territory” which you enter at your own risk.